Video Games

The Most Popular Myths About Video Games

Video games are played by more people today than ever before, and the impact of these games is a frequent subject of debates and argues between gamers and non-gamers. Research and statistics provided by scientists from different countries and universities reveal more and more indisputable facts that leave less and less room for empty discussions. […]

Gaming Beyond Entertainment

We are living in today a world of unprecedented change in technology, the environment, politics, and economics. As society looks for answers in the media, the creative industries are more needed than ever to create content that can be considered as authentic and credible, which can assist audiences in improving their knowledge of the world […]

The Early History of Gaming – Part 3

In 1980, we saw the introduction of Space Invaders for the Atari VCS, thanks to the integration of the microprocessor, which suggested that gaming had awoken to a brand-new era. Part of that new era was an increase in sales: the same year saw a 2mn increase in sales for the Atari 2600. The gaming […]