Grand Theft Auto 6 Is Further Delayed

In November of 2020, the PlayStation from Sony and the Xbox from Microsoft competed in their fourth major duel. In the run-up to the releases, fans hoped that there would be rivalry between two blockbuster games too. Both Halo Infinite and the sixth edition of Grand Theft Auto were a long time coming and there could be no question of a timely publication.


We can now expect the launch of Halo Infinite in 2021, but Grand Theft Auto 6 is a long way off from a release date. So far, the studio has not even announced it publicly. Rumours have been buzzing around for years, but so far, there has been no confirmation for the release of GTA 6. Some time ago, a new talk caused a stir as a well-known games journalist has spread a sad message and fans need to stay strong. If the leaked information is really true, then Grand Theft Auto 6 should not come out until 2024.

That would be a big disappointment for its huge fan base, which has been waiting for a successor to GTA 5 for many years and even Grand Theft Auto Online cannot remedy this, though it has many players. So much remains unclear and it is not at all sure whether the game will even be called GTA 6. Both the development studio Rockstar Games and the publisher Take-Two are holding back many details.

With the information available online, industry experts consider the earliest publication in 2024 to be the most realistic as the studio is only at initial stages of the development. Moreover, now more than ever, Rockstar Games value the well-being of its employees. In the past, the developers often worked more than 100 hours a week at early development stages. Reports on the creation of Red Dead Redemption 2 had caused a media stir in the past and Rockstar Games are trying to avoid that in the future. At the same time, their aim is to prevent release delays and that is probably the reason why all those involved in GTA 6 production are staying away from making official announcements.


What Will GTA6 Be Like?

GTA 6 should take place in a modern replica of Vice City, which will not only change over time, but it will also expand further. Experts now assume that GTA 6 will only appear for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X due to the late release date. Rockstar Games will no longer take older generations of consoles into account.

At the same time, speculations are circling around that Rockstar Games will tease the potential blockbuster in Grand Theft Auto Online and the concept of the game will be similar to that of GTA 5. For the first time, players should have the opportunity to play a male and a female character. But so far, it is all just guesses Grand Theft Auto fans still have to wait for a formal statement.